Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

If Drs. Rollins and Petersen find serious malocclusion problems in your child’s smile, then we may recommend performing a two-phase orthodontic treatment. We use this procedure at Rollins & Petersen to straighten teeth and adjust the structure of your jaw in order to help your smile become healthy. Contact our orthodontists today if you want to learn more about our two-phase orthodontic treatment in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Globe, or Queen Creek, Arizona.

Phase One

This phase can only be completed when a child is still young and growing, usually when they are about seven years old. The main objective of this phase is to ensure that the upper and lower jaw bones fit together. If the upper jaw is too narrow or the lower jaw grows too quickly, severe bite problems can develop. It is best to correct the structure of the jaw at this early age rather than receive complex surgery as an adult. During your child’s initial consultation, we will determine whether they need to receive the braces, palatal expanders, or headgear used in this phase of treatment.

Phase Two

After the completion of phase one treatment, we will wait until all of your child’s permanent teeth have erupted, which usually happens when they are 12-13. This phase deals with the position of teeth, which we will adjust with braces. After you gain a straight smile, you can maintain it for life by wearing a retainer. Please contact our office today if you want to learn more about our two-phase orthodontic treatment.