Traveling Back to Ancient Orthodontic Methods

In the last century, orthodontics has made massive strides in repairing and straightening teeth. When you compare the methods used in the past, metal braces sound a lot more complimentary. Doctors Rollins and Petersen,  and our dental professionals use the most advanced systems to give you and your teeth their best smile. Here’s a look back at some methods and how orthodontics has advanced in the last thousand years.

Ancient philosophers such as Hippocrates and Aristotle were able to research little but didn’t have the proper tools (or probably the time) to delve into the world of dentistry. The first official book on dentistry by Pierre Fauchard was The Surgeon Dentist (Le Chirurgien Dentiste), published in 1728. A popular device made of iron to fix dental arches known as a “Bandeau” was included in one of the chapters and later reformed by Louis Bourdet in 1754.

This research also included information on ancient Egyptian and Roman techniques. Romans would use their fingers to push their teeth into place, day by day, or use small gold wire to move them. Egyptians would use metal or animal intestines (specifically cats) to send their mummified people into the afterlife with straighter teeth.

One of the next large advancements in dental history was Christophe-Francois Delabarre’s invention of the wire crib in 1819, followed in 1843 by Edward Maynard’s gum elastics. The invention of X-ray machines allowed an in-depth look at gums. Braces made with gold and silver allowed better alignment but were limited to consumers with enough money to afford them.

This changed in the 1970s when stainless steel braces and dental adhesives were discovered, greatly advancing the use of braces with the ability to apply brackets rather than try and wrap metal around teeth. Since then, even more advancements in orthodontics have been made. At Rollins and Petersen Orthodontics in Arizona, we provide top care products and procedures at our offices in Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Queen Creek, and Globe. To set up an appointment or consultation, contact us today!