Straightening Your Teenager’s Smile Discreetly

Braces are the bane of a teenager’s existence. Many end up needing them, and for the most part, teens don’t want the metal wires and brackets drawing attention to themselves during this time of their lives. That being the case, ceramic braces can be a great option for teens.

Basically, these are traditional braces. However, instead of drawing attention to themselves, the metal wires and brackets are glazed over with a porcelain ceramic coating that is colored specifically to match the color of the wearer’s teeth. Because they blend in so well with natural teeth, these braces will draw little to no attention to themselves during social encounters.

There are potential situations that can cause a mismatch in color between the teeth and the ceramic coating. The first situation can be avoided by using traditional toothpaste instead of a whitening paste. Whitening toothpaste has no effect on the ceramic coating, which doesn’t stain but can change the color of the tooth from what the ceramic coating is designed to match.

Also, eating dark foods or drinking dark-colored drinks can stain the teeth a different shade from the ceramic coating. Your child can still enjoy dark-colored foods like chocolate or berries in small amounts as long as they brush their teeth after doing so. Sodas are also fine in moderation, but it’s suggested your child use a straw when doing so.

If you have a teen who would benefit from ceramic braces, give Rollins and Petersen a call today! We look forward to working with you!