How to Clean Invisalign Trays

As a state-of-the-art orthodontic treatment, Invisalign delivers the straight teeth you deserve without the use of metal braces. Instead, Invisalign trays are a series of personalized clear braces designed to cover your teeth while gently maneuvering them into the right position over time. Because Invisalign braces are clear and can easily be taken off, they are virtually invisible and far more comfortable compared to traditional braces.

In fact, no one will know you’re wearing Invisalign unless you tell them — or if your trays are dirty. Aesthetics aside, failing to properly clean your Invisalign retainers can lead to a buildup of bacteria, which can cause tooth decay. To provide crystal clear clarity, the team at Rollins & Petersen Orthodontics has created an easy how-to guide on cleaning your Invisalign trays.

Start a Rise-and-Shine Routine

For your Invisalign trays to work their magic, you’ll have to wear them at night. And while you may be asleep, bacteria are wide awake gathering on your aligners and teeth. So, it’s imperative you rid your mouth and trays of these potentially harmful bacteria with a morning routine.

Rinse Trays When You Remove

You will not wear your trays around the clock. And when you take them out to drink or eat, it’s a good practice to rinse them out before putting the trays back in. In doing so, you can keep plaque and saliva buildup at bay. It’s also a good idea to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth before putting your Invisalign trays back in after you eat.

Soak Your Aligner Trays Once a Day

To keep your Invisalign trays looking as good as possible, it’s best to soak them at least once a day. Even if you brush in the morning, there will be food particles and other debris that will be missed. Grab some Invisalign cleaning crystals and refer to the instructions for use. Not looking to use Invisalign Crystals, other approved methods include:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide at low concentrations is perfect for getting rid of tough stains. Combine with cold water and allow your aligners to soak for about 30 minutes and follow the steps below.
  • Baking soda is unique because it’s abrasive enough to destroy bacteria without harming your trays. Simply dissolve one tablespoon of baking soda into a cup of cold water and allow your trays to soak for about 30 minutes. Then, remove the trays and follow the steps below.
  • White distilled vinegar is perfect for removing stains from Invisalign trays. Make a solution with three parts water and one part vinegar. Then, allow your trays to it in the solution for about 15 minutes, which should be long enough for the vinegar to loosen up the plaque.
  • Never use hot water, mouthwash solutions, or toothpaste to clean your Invisalign trays as these can damage the special plastic that the trays are made of.

After you have soaked your Invisalign trays for the proper amount of time, you can then brush them with a spare toothbrush to remove any hard-to-remove plaque. Finally, you can rise your trays and then put them back in — after you have brushed and rinsed your mouth.

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