Protect Your Braces this Holiday Season

Here are 5 tips to protect your braces this holiday season

The holiday season is such a fun time of the year for a number of reasons, and one of them is the food. From gingerbread men to eggnog and chocolate oranges to candy canes, the holidays are filled with delicious sweet treats. While these sweet treats may be fun to eat they, unfortunately, take a toll on our health, especially our oral health. And for those with braces, it’s extremely important to watch how much sweets you consume.

Here are 5 tips to help protect your braces and teeth this holiday season:

  1. Use a Straw

    The holidays are filled with sugary delights, including beverages. Rather than cutting them completely out of your holiday diet, strive to drink them with a straw which will minimize the contact your teeth and braces have with those sorts of beverages.

  2. Clean and Floss More

    While sugar is one of the main food groups during the holiday season, make sure to brush and floss your teeth a whole lot more. Perhaps even after every meal. It’s important to keep floss and a toothbrush handy wherever you go to make sure your braces and teeth are staying healthy.

  3. Reduce Your Acidic Food Consumption

    It tends to be very difficult to stay on a strict diet during the holidays; however, to make sure your teeth and braces are staying strong, make sure to reduce your acidic food intake. Rather than drinking a soda, perhaps stick to water or milk that is full of calcium.

  4. Stick to softer sweets

    Sticking to soft chocolates, peppermint patties, and other sweets of the choice that melt in your mouth can easily be washed down with water.

  5. Plan a checkup

    Scheduling a check-up to make sure your braces are still in good shape and your teeth are cavity-free.

Watching how many sweets you intake a day and remembering to brush your teeth, will help decrease the chance of cavities and other diseases in your mouth. Also, don’t forget to schedule an appointment with Rollins and Petersen’s Orthodontist after the holidays to ensure your braces are still in good shape.