Cleaning Your Braces and Why It Is Important

Are you aware that braces need to be cared for and maintained to ensure optimal functionality? Do you know how to keep your braces in good working order? To begin with, you should not participate in or attempt anything while wearing braces that you wouldn’t attempt without them, including playing contact sports or high-risk activities without the use of safety equipment. For a better understanding of how to properly care for your braces, consider this:

– Stay away from foods and snacks that can get easily stuck in between your braces and teeth, including chewy candies, hard or tough foods and snacks, and various types of nuts.
– If any wires break from your braces, cover the broken end with a piece of wax and call your orthodontist as soon as possible. Do not attempt to cut off any dangling wires as they can end up being accidentally swallowed or become choking hazards.
– Always schedule and follow any appointments that you have with your orthodontist.
– Be sure to wear safety equipment when playing contact sports or doing high-risk activities. This includes mouth guards, face masks, helmets, and any other safety gear that is helpful for protecting your mouth.
– Try to take the time to clean your retainer and keep it clear from bacteria and contamination as often as you can.
– Make sure to brush your teeth twice daily and floss once daily even if you are wearing braces.

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