The Number of Braces Adjustments Can Vary

If you have been dealing with modest to severe deviations in the alignment of your teeth, then you are also likely frustrated with the appearance of your smile. It’s also worth noting that without correction from an orthodontist like Dr. [doctor_name], your misaligned teeth could be at increased risk of suffering from chips, dental fractures, […]

Treatment Options for Orthodontics

There are several types of braces available. Speak with Drs. Rollins, Petersen and Larson to discover which type best meets your needs and goals. Traditional Braces Traditional braces are constructed from high-quality stainless steel. They use brackets that are attached to each tooth to hold archwires in place. The archwires put pressure on the teeth […]

TMJs and TMDs

Temporomandibular joints, also commonly referred to as TMJs, are essential for optimum oral health. TMJs are the ball-and-socket joints on both sides of your jaw that enable the movement of your jaw for all its various functions. This includes skills such as speech, opening and closing your mouth, and chewing food. Without TMJs, your skills […]

Cleaning Your Braces and Why It Is Important

Are you aware that braces need to be cared for and maintained to ensure optimal functionality? Do you know how to keep your braces in good working order? To begin with, you should not participate in or attempt anything while wearing braces that you wouldn’t attempt without them, including playing contact sports or high-risk activities […]

Invisalign® Aligner Systems and Your Smile

Are you seeking clear orthodontic aligners to improve your smile? If so, one of the most groundbreaking designs for clear aligners comes in the form of the Invisalign® clear aligner system. Invisalign aligners are metal-free and designed with comfort, durability, flexibility, and safety in mind. Thanks to Invisalign’s amazing technology, a specialized thermoplastic material is […]

Foods That Can Damage Braces and Your Smile

Did you know, having an excellent diet is vital to your body, which does include your teeth and gums? Well, it’s true! Here at [practice_name] in [city], [state], we understand the transition into braces. That is why, to help you through this transition and your orthodontic treatment, we are happy to give you with these […]

Traveling Back to Ancient Orthodontic Methods

In the last century, orthodontics has made massive strides in repairing and straightening teeth. When you compare the methods used in the past, metal braces sound a lot more complimentary. Dr. [doctor_name] and our dental professionals use the most advanced systems to give you and your teeth their best smile. Here’s a look back at […]

Good Oral Hygiene Practices Are Important for Preventing Cavity Complications with Braces

Your new braces, installed at Dr. [doctor_name]’s [city], [state] orthodontist clinic have been designed to alter the position and orientation of your teeth, through the course of multiple adjustment sessions. Every four to six weeks, you will need to return to Dr. [doctor_name]’s clinic to have your braces tightened. Each time this is done, your […]

4 Reasons to Check Out Invisalign®

Are Your Teeth in Good Hands with Invisalign®? Did you know that Invisalign systems can be used to correct your smile without the need for bulky wires and metal brackets? Invisalign uses alternative technology to finish the task of giving you a straight smile your teeth deserve. For more information about the advantages of Invisalign, […]

Are Orthodontic Braces the Miracle Treatment You’ve Been Waiting For?

Are orthodontic braces the miracle treatment you’ve been waiting for? With our help, our experienced team can get you on the path to a straighter smile in no time. With braces, you can set crooked teeth straight once more, and fix your skewed smile. Listed below are some of the advantages of braces: – Many […]