Treatment Options for Orthodontics

There are several types of braces available. Speak with Drs. Rollins and Petersen to discover which type best meets your needs and goals. Traditional Braces Traditional braces are constructed from high-quality stainless steel. They use brackets that are attached to each tooth to hold archwires in place. The archwires put pressure on the teeth to […]

TMJs and TMDs

Temporomandibular joints, also commonly referred to as TMJs, are essential for optimum oral health. TMJs are the ball-and-socket joints on both sides of your jaw that enable the movement of your jaw for all its various functions. This includes skills such as speech, opening and closing your mouth and chewing food. Without TMJs, your skills […]

Traveling Back to Ancient Orthodontic Methods

In the last century, orthodontics has made massive strides in repairing and straightening teeth. When you compare the methods used in the past, metal braces sound a lot more complimentary. Doctors Rollins and Petersen,  and our dental professionals use the most advanced systems to give you and your teeth their best smile. Here’s a look […]

Are You in Need of an Orthodontic Treatment for Malocclusions?

Are you in need of orthodontic treatment for malocclusions? Malocclusions, also known as bad bites, occur when teeth are in the wrong position or are misaligned. Fortunately, orthodontic alignment systems can be used to help treat a wide variety of malocclusions, including the following: – Misplaced midlines occur when the center of your upper incisors […]

Let’s Check Your Smile

Ideally, orthodontic assessments should start early. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children should be evaluated by an orthodontist by age seven so that any issues with jaw growth and development and emerging teeth can be detected. Most children begin orthodontic treatment between the ages of 9 and 14. During your child’s orthodontic evaluation, […]

A Retainer Will Be Needed After Your Braces Have Been Removed

Your teeth are anchored into their sockets by a series of periodontal ligaments. Through the course of each adjustment session, your orthodontist at Rollins and Petersen Orthodontics will adjust your braces and teeth one step closer to their ideal positions. Even after the braces have been removed, there will still be some residual tension in […]

Braces Can Address Several Different Alignment Issues

There are a few different variations on braces that Dr. Rollins or Dr. Petersen at Rollins and Petersen Orthodontics might recommend. They all work on the same principle, where gradual adjustments made to the tension of the braces slowly alters their position and alignment in your mouth. Most adjustment sessions need to be scheduled an […]

Orthodontic FAQs

When should my child have an orthodontic consultation? We suggest that you bring your child to see Drs. Rollins or Petersen for a consultation when they are seven years old. We will determine whether they need the early orthodontic treatment that helps to guide the growth of their jawbones into an optimal position. How long […]

Braces for Children, Teens, & Adults Know the difference?

For Children Teens Adults

Know Your Braces Options for Children, Teens, and Adults For generations, having braces has been a typical part of an adolescent’s life. Many children wear braces as a staple in their pre-teen and teen years. However, orthodontia has changed. At Rollins & Petersen Orthodontics in Arizona, our professionals provide care for children, teens, and adults […]

Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

If Drs. Rollins and Petersen find serious malocclusion problems in your child’s smile, then we may recommend performing a two-phase orthodontic treatment. We use this procedure at Rollins & Petersen to straighten teeth and adjust the structure of your jaw in order to help your smile become healthy. Contact our orthodontists today if you want […]