Are you concerned about the natural placement of your own teeth or the teeth of a loved one?

Do you worry it could have an impact on your overall oral health? Braces for adults, teens, and children are a cornerstone of orthodontic care, and they promote straighter smiles. Explore the treatment options available during a consultation with us at Rollins & Petersen Orthodontics at one of our five locations across Arizona!

What Are Braces for Adults, Teens, and Children?

Braces for adults, teens, and children are a popular orthodontic treatment to realign the position of teeth. Traditional braces involve the use of metal brackets, archwires, and elastic bands to promote movement for malocclusion reduction. However, thanks to advancements, there are alternative options available, such as Invisalign® clear aligners.

The Benefits of Braces

Each person will have a unique orthodontic treatment path. Depending on the severity of concerns and the type of appliance chosen, the average person wears braces for 18 months to three years. Once braces are removed, a retainer is worn.

What Could I Expect from Life with Braces?

Braces are a commitment, but the end result of a straighter smile makes it worthwhile! With metal braces, regular office visits are required. This allows the archwire to be tightened and new elastics to be applied.

On a daily basis, it is important to:

  • Avoid certain foods, such as popcorn and whole apples
  • Brush and floss your teeth
  • Clean the brackets and wires
  • Refrain from chewing gum

Our dedicated staff at our Arizona offices is prepared to equip you with all the information you need to best care for your braces for the healthiest smile possible.

Should I Get Braces?

Most individuals who are unhappy with the natural positioning of their teeth or bite may be able to benefit from braces. They are most often recommended for those who have lost all of their baby teeth, but new advancements allow treatment to begin when there are still some baby teeth!

A consultation with our experienced professionals at any of our Arizona offices can help you better understand braces for adults, teens, and children. They will evaluate your teeth, bite, and general mouth and jaw area. They will provide you with treatment recommendations and review your options for braces.

Steps to Your Best Smile!

1. Free Consultation

Join us in one of our 5 convenient locations for a complimentary, detailed consultation to embark on your transformation.

2. Digital Imaging

Using the latest technology, we’ll capture detailed images of your dental structure, and recommend treatment options.

3. Begin Treatment

Choose your treatment and our doctors can begin your orthodontic journey, even on the same day!