Adult Braces: What Is the Right Kind for You?

If you didn’t get braces as a child, don’t worry. It’s not too late to use braces to improve your appearance. At Rollins & Petersen Orthodontics in Mesa, Arizona, we can use adult braces to straighten your teeth and improve your smile. Read on to learn more about our metal braces, ceramic braces, and other orthodontic techniques.

Adult Braces: What Is the Right Kind for You?

We can use many different kinds of braces to straighten your teeth and enhance your smile. Since each type of braces has a number of unique benefits, you’ll be able to find an option that will work for you.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most traditional tooth straightening option. If you are looking for a durable, cost-effective way to improve your teeth, metal braces will probably be right for you. If you select this type of braces, we will use a medical adhesive to attach metallic brackets to your teeth. Next, we will attach metallic wires to these brackets.

Since metal braces are very durable and inexpensive, you will benefit using from this option if you are an athlete who plays a contact sport or a person who wants braces that are reliable and affordable. Further, metal braces are an excellent way to correct more severe teeth issues. Accordingly, if you are using braces to fix complex misalignment or crowding issues, we will probably advise you to use this option.

Ceramic Braces

If you would like to straighten your teeth in a discreet manner, you are probably a good candidate for ceramic braces. This treatment uses ceramic brackets to improve your teeth. We can provide you with clear brackets or match your brackets to the color of your teeth. We will also attach discreet silver or clear wires to these brackets.

Since ceramic brackets are very small and unobtrusive, they will be less visible than metal braces. Further, ceramic brackets are comfortable and lightweight. As a result, if you have difficulty adjusting to new sensations, you should consider getting ceramic braces. In addition to being comfortable and discreet, ceramic braces work very quickly, and you won’t have to wear these straighteners for very long.


Invisalign is another teeth straightening treatment that will improve your smile in a discreet manner. Unlike traditional braces, this treatment uses plastic aligners to improve your teeth. These aligners will be designed to fit the size and position of your teeth. During your treatment, you will wear each of your aligners for about two weeks.

After this period is complete, you will begin wearing another aligner. As you continue to wear your aligners, your teeth will gradually improve. Since these plastic aligners are clear, your friends, family members, and colleagues will not necessarily realize that you are using an orthodontic treatment to enhance your smile. Further, you can easily remove your aligners when you are eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth.

What Issues Can Braces Improve?

As you probably already know, braces are a great way to straighten crooked teeth. However, you might not be aware that braces can also be used to fix issues with your bite and improve overcrowded teeth. In addition, we can use braces to improve the alignment of the teeth in the front of your mouth.

Will Getting My Braces Be Uncomfortable?

Getting braces is an easy process, and we will make sure that you feel comfortable when we put your braces onto your teeth.

A Pleasant Process

The process of putting on your braces will depend on the type of tooth straightening treatment that you are receiving. For instance, if you are getting ceramic braces, we will begin your appointment by examining your teeth. After we have confirmed that your teeth are clean, we will use a bonding adhesive to gently attach ceramic brackets to your teeth. We will also use metal bands to improve the molars in the back of your mouth.

A Quick Appointment

It usually takes about one or two hours to attach your braces to your teeth. This process doesn’t hurt, and you can sit back and close your eyes while we attach the brackets and wires to your teeth.

What Steps Should I Follow While I Am Wearing My Braces?

You’ll need to avoid eating certain foods and follow a couple of other easy instructions while you are wearing your adult braces.

Adjust Your Diet

Certain foods can damage or loosen your braces and increase the length of your treatment plan. To avoid these issues, you should not eat foods that you have to bite into, such as uncut apples and carrots. Similarly, you should not eat foods that are very sticky, like caramels or chewing gum. Further, you need to take a break from enjoying crunchy snacks like popcorn.

Fix Broken Braces

Although we will use very durable materials to create your braces, it’s normal to experience occasional issues with broken braces during your treatment. For example, if one of your brackets comes off of your tooth, you will need to come in for a visit to repair this damage.

Protect Your Mouth

Your mouth will take some time to adjust to the presence of your braces. To protect the tissues in your mouth, we may advise you to use a special mouthwash or orthodontic wax after you get your braces.

Clean Your Teeth

You’ll need to frequently brush and floss your teeth while you are wearing your braces. During your first meeting with us, we will explain how you can continue to maintain good dental hygiene during your orthodontic treatment. For instance, we might advise you to use special toothbrushes, flossing devices, and other materials. These devices will help you navigate wires and brackets while you are cleaning your teeth.

Will I Need to Go to Orthodontic Appointments While I Am Wearing My Braces?

You will need to come in for periodic appointments. You are likely to visit us about every six to ten weeks during your orthodontic treatment. During these appointments, we will examine your braces and monitor your teeth’s response to this treatment.

We may also tighten the wires in your braces and put new elastics onto your brackets. Performing these steps will enable your braces to quickly improve the appearance of your smile.

How Long Will I Have to Wear My Braces?

The length of your orthodontic treatment will depend on the severity of your teeth issues, the type of braces that you are using to fix these issues, and your desired outcome. In general, you should expect to wear your braces for about eighteen months to three years.

What Should I Expect When My Braces Are Removed?

All of our braces are designed to be removed from your teeth in a quick, easy fashion. Once your treatment is complete, you’ll come in for a short appointment with us. We will use specialized tools to take off your brackets and remove the bonding material that was used to attach these brackets to your teeth. It will usually take us about one hour to remove your braces.

After we are finished, you’ll be able to admire your new smile in the mirror. Since your mouth will have adjusted to your braces, your teeth may feel different for a couple of days. However, you will get used to this feeling very quickly.

Will My Attractive Smile Be Permanent?

Adult braces are a fantastic way to permanently improve your teeth. However, to keep your straight, beautiful smile, you will need to maintain excellent oral hygiene. In particular, you’ll need to brush your teeth several times a day, floss, and get regular teeth cleanings.

Once we have removed your braces, we will take X-rays of your teeth. We will use these images to make a customized retainer for you. To stop your teeth from returning to their original positions, you will need to wear this device as instructed. For the next several months, we might advise you to wear your retainer every day.

Am I Too Old to Benefit From Braces?

Many people think that braces only work on children and young adults. However, this view is incorrect, and many people who receive orthodontic treatment are adults.

Braces improve your smile by putting gentle force on your teeth. Over time, this force will cause your teeth to move, and your smile will become straighter and more attractive. Since this process works in adults and children, you can benefit from wearing braces at any age. For instance, it’s normal to receive this tooth straightening treatment when you are in your forties or fifties.

Can I Wear Braces if I Have Crowns or Missing Teeth?

Since we will customize your braces to fit your unique orthodontic goals and the condition of your mouth, you will probably be able to wear braces if you have missing teeth, crowns, or other issues.

In fact, we can use specialized materials to attach braces to crowns in your mouth. Similarly, if you have missing teeth, we can use braces to make space for dental implants or minimize gaps in your smile.

Can I Get Braces on Just Some of My Teeth?

If you are making minor improvements to your smile, you might not need to get braces on all of your teeth. For example, if you are correcting a small issue that affects your upper teeth, you might not need to get braces on your bottom teeth.

To determine whether you’ll need to get braces on all of your teeth, you’ll need to come in for an evaluation. Once we have examined your teeth and talked about the changes that you would like to see in your smile, we will tell you more about the length and extent of your treatment.

Can I Use Braces to Straighten My Teeth Before an Important Life Event?

Obtaining straight, even teeth is a great way to boost your confidence during your wedding day or other important life events. However, braces take some time to enhance your smile, and you’ll need to plan ahead if you want to improve your teeth by a specific date.

Further, you need to understand that if you have metal or ceramic braces, you cannot quickly remove these braces during the middle of your treatment. Accordingly, you should tell us if you want to get your braces off in time for your wedding or other life events. Once we have taken a look at your teeth, we will tell you how long you’ll need to wear your braces.

Straighten Your Teeth With Us!

Adult braces are a great way to straighten your teeth, fix crowding problems, and correct bite issues. We can use metal braces, ceramic braces, and a variety of other orthodontic techniques to improve your smile. To learn more about our adult braces, contact us at Rollins & Petersen Orthodontics in Mesa, Arizona to set up an initial appointment.